Sunday, 24 March 2013


Success in blogging can be very tricky especially when you are new to the freelance world. Creating a blog is a daunting task because of the fear of failure. New freelancers or online users that want to create profitable blogs focus on perfection. You cannot focus on having a perfect blog when you are new to the blogging world. It’s the same as looking for a corporate job.

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The first interview is never a success. This is because, you are still learning how to pass interviews. Everyone fears failure but whether you the freelancer likes it or not will fail several times before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Start Now!

To succeed in blogging is simple, start now! You can decide to create your blog via Word Press or So many freelance blog owners talk about writing a plan before creating a blog but according to my view, start now and learn from your mistakes.

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I had two blogs before this one and used to experiment on them. The experimentation allowed me to understand what blogging was all about. What used to fascinate me was the dashboard (statistics page). The dashboard would display the number of online viewers that visited my blog and viewed my posts. I used to ask myself how can I increase my page views and that’s when my friend told me about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Reading about SEO is never easy to understand. SEO showed me why my old blogs were having less online visitors and some the reasons were:

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        In every post in my blogs, each H1 tag length was longer than 8 words. 

        My Meta description was blank

        My URL was too long and did not have keywords.

        My blog did not have keywords.

It’s because of this reasons, I decided to create a new blog that is now applying SEO techniques.

Don’t Let The Competition Dampen Your Spirit

Take your time when publishing your article or post. Majority of blogs say that you must publish posts at least twice per week. But what you don’t know is that these blog owners hire freelancers to write for them through Guest Posting. The advantage of Guest Posting is online job creation. The disadvantage is that the blogger that practices Guest Posting will always get more traffic than your blog.  What is Guest posting? Guest Posting is when a blog owner accepts posts from other online writers or freelancers. For example, if I (the blog owner) don’t have time to be writing new posts in my blog, then I will hire someone to be writing and updating my blog for free or I may pay him.

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Remember, you have just entered into the new world of blogging. There is no way you can compete with these blogs that allow guest posting. This is because this blogs are at least four years old. They once began like you and after their blogs reached 2 years old, they ventured into guest posting. Also there is no blogger that can allow you (the naive freelancer) to guest post on their blog because you are new to the blogging world. Therefore what you should do is not to compete with them but you should learn how to steadily improve your blogging techniques.

Give Your Online Readers A Reason As To Why They Should Visit Your Blog Again

Online readers look for information. This information can be looking for online freelance jobs, queries about how to succeed in their passions, how to overcome stress and so on. They see the internet as their social therapist that has all their solutions to their questions.

Whichever blog you create will always have page views. But, the quality of the information you type on your blog will determine if the same online readers will visit your blog again. For example, my post is talking about blog success tips. Several other blogs have talked about blog success tips, but I have not copy pasted their information. You as the new blogger are not supposed to copy paste once creativity because Google will penalize your blog. The solution to this is that you must read what the other blogs are talking about success tips and write from your own experience. Writing from your own experience is a very slow painful process but once you get used to it your blog will rise up the Google Rankings.

You Must Establish A Routine 

The beauty of being a blogger is that you are your own boss. You will never have someone tell you to work under strict deadlines. The problem of this is that laziness will set in. Laziness is the reason as to why blogs don’t survive the first year. Blog owners stop being creative and blame it on procrastination. As a start write a new post every 2 weeks. This will enable you to slowly build unique posts. In future, online users will start commenting on your posts and even give you online jobs to do for them.  Finally, after getting used to writing a new post every 2 weeks then you can write 1 post every week.