Monday, 17 June 2013

How to Enable CommentLuv on Blogger

I don’t understand why Google has been busy updating their Blogger’s platform and fail to improve on their current commenting system. I have been tempted several times to shift from Blogger’s to Wordpress due to the latter having wonderful plugins such as CommentLuv. But I am the type of person who never gives up and knew that there has to be away of adding CommentLuv into Blogger’s.

I have searched on Google for how to add CommentLuv into Blogger’s. The good news is that I found several blogs that talked about it and will share with you right now! Majority of those blogs talked about integrating Intense Debate into your blog. After integrating, then Intense Debate will give you several plugins that can be added to your blog and one of the plugins is CommentLuv.

How to Integrate IntenseDebate on Blogger 

Please follow these steps:-

Step 1: Log on to Intense Debate and register your free account by clicking the green icon that says sign up.


Step 2:  Type your personal information in the form. Please don’t forget to select “I want to install Intense Debate on my blog or website”. After selecting that option, then click the signup button.

Sign Up

Step 3: After registering, login to your account. Then follow this url and insert the link of your blog. See the image below for a better understanding. After inserting the link, click the button that says Next Step.


Step 4: Proceed to your Blogger account and look for the blog you want to setup Intense Debate on at your blogs list. Click the downward arrow and press template.



Click Backup/Restore at the top-right of your display.


Click the Download Full Template button and save the file at your documents folder or desktop.

Download Full Template

Now go back where you were working previously and Select the file which you downloaded by clicking "Browse/Choose File" and upload it by pressing "Upload file and continue" button at the Intense Debate website.

Step 5: After clicking the “Upload file and continue” button, the installation page will appear. All you have to do is copy all of the code as described in the image below.

Copy All The Code

Step 6: Go back to, select Template, select Edit HTML and click on Edit Template. Place the cursor in the code, select all and click paste. Finally click on the Save Template button.

Edit and Save Template

How to Activate the CommentLuv Plugin

After inserting the html code into your blog, go back to where you copied the html code. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see a text which says “Go and configure this Intense Debate account” just click on it, and proceed to next step.


Step 7: Go to Plugins present in the left side of the navigation's at Look for Commentluv. Once you find it, just press activate button beside it. 

CommentLuv Plugin

And there you have it. CommentLuv has been enabled at your blog.


If you have any previous comments posted under the old Blogger comments system, CommentLuv WILL NOT show up on those posts. But if you have old posts that have no comments, CommentLuv will be activated.

After CommentLuv has been activated on your blog, you will see this phrase,"comment as Guest or Login to Intense Debate."below the comment section. But for the administrator of your blog, you must Login to Intense Debate to comment because, Intense Debate will not publish your comment even if you comment as guest.

Remember for new posts that you create on your blog, CommentLuv will show up. In order to enjoy the full benefits of CommentLuv, you must know how to apply SEO to your blog.

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