Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Verify Your Paypal Account in Kenya

Third world countries like Kenya are still new to understanding the concept of making money online. Only a few understand this concept and have been successful but refuse to share their secrets. Walter Akolo is one of the successful Kenyans that decided to reveal his secrets to the world. I thank him for showing me the process of finally verifying my PayPal account.

Before thinking of even registering for a PayPal Account, you must activate your ATM Card.

How to Activate your Local ATM Card

Step 1: Go to your local bank for example: Co-operative, Equity, I&M, Standard Chartered, Barclays, etc and request them to enable your Visa or MasterCard for online transactions. Personally I went to Co-operative Bank of Kenya. They will give you a form. 

Step 2: After filling the form, submit it to the help desk and they shall inform you how long they will take to make your Visa or MasterCard accept online transactions. At Co-operative Bank they told me to wait for two hours so that they process the online activation.

Step 3: After waiting for the period of activation to complete, then sign up for PayPal.

How to Activate your PayPal Account

Step 1: Sign Up for PayPal.

Step 2: Complete the PayPal Registration Form and click the “Agree and Sign Up” Button.
Ignore the step of how to link a bank account/credit card to your Paypal account at the moment. I will write about that step in my next article. 

Step 3: After Registering for Paypal your account looks like this

verify, paypal

In the image above I bet you noticed the red circle that has highlighted the word Get Verified, click Get Verified on your PayPal account.


Make sure your local account also known as your Kenyan Bank Account has the equivalent of at least 1 dollar so that paypal can use the 1 dollar to verify your account. In other words, your local bank must have at least Ksh 88 because 1 dollar = ksh 88. But just deposit ksh 100 into your local account so as to be on the safe side. 

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Step 4: Enter your local Visa/MasterCard details correctly and for those that don’t know where to find your card number and security code look at the image below. The orange rectangle indicates the location of the card number and the yellow circle shows where to get the security code. Click continue after filling in the details.

Step 5: After clicking continue you will see an image like the one below. Then wait for 24 hours for Paypal to send you the code to your bank account.


Step 6: After 24 hours, go to your bank and request for a Bank Statement for that month. You will pay a fee for your Bank to process your statement. At Co-operative Bank, a Bank Statement costs ksh 100 per page.

Step 7: After receiving your Bank Statement, look for the transaction that has this statement PP*1234CODE>
Step 8: The 1234 is your PayPal code. Note I have used 1234 as an example. 

Step 9: Login to Paypal, Select Get Verified, Click Continue, type the PayPal Code and click confirm.

Step 10: Your account will be verified and even PayPal will send you an Email proving it.


Benefits of Having a Verified PayPal Account

1 You will have unrestricted access to withdrawing and receiving online money.

2 Companies like to work with Verified PayPal Accounts compared to Unverified PayPal Accounts.


Verification of PayPal Accounts was quite difficult 2 years ago. This was because, Kenyans were still figuring out the process of verification. Also the people that finally figured it out refused to share the secret. But now this article has revealed the secret to all.

Please share this article with those that want to learn about Paypal Verification in Kenya.

This has been Wilfred Imbukwa,

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  1. I will try it out, but is there away that one can register on Paypal without having any bank active account?

  2. hallo/..this article is helpful..can i activate a kcb pepea mastercard for online transactions?

  3. Hi, can i link my coorporative bank Visa with my paypal account please?

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