Thursday, 15 August 2013

Easy Way of Adding Chitika Ads into Bloggers

It took me sometime to figure out how to add Chitika Ads into bloggers. I did thorough research on various websites and blogs that talk about this problem. Majority of them said that in order to add Chitika Ads into bloggers, you must use the template option.

What I mean is that you place your Chitika Ads code into the html part of your bloggers template. I tried that several times in my blog but it did not work. I even asked for help from the Chitika Customer Support Team and they showed me an easy way of going around the problem. Before I show you the easy way of adding Chitika Ads into bloggers, register by clicking the link below.

Once you register and submit your blog to Chitika, you will be asked to verify your email address. See the image below.


After verifying, you will wait for 24hrs for them to approve or reject your application. Once they approve, you will receive an email containing your details and instructions on what to do on Chitika. Please follow the instructions.


Once you have followed the instructions, go to the Ad Setup on the Menu Bar then select Types of Ads.


Under the Ad Setup, you will see 3 various Ad types. Select Text Ads.


Go to Select Unit Options. Under format select 250x250 square then click the GET CODE button. Save the code in notepad because you will use it in the next step.


Adding Your Chitika Code into Bloggers

Go to your bloggers dashboard, select the down arrow on the blog you want to add the code and click layout.


Click on the Add a Gadget Hyper Link, select HTML/JavaScript, add your Chitika Code and click on save.




And there you have it! The Chitika code has been successfully added to your blog.

What to Do If Chitika Don’t Accept Your Application

This happened to me once. It was in January 21st 2013 when my blog was 1 week old. I was still new to the blogging world. I submitted my website and after they viewed it this is what they told me,” Hello Wilfred, many thanks for your interest in Chitika. We have reviewed your blog. Right now, it looks like your site is still under construction, or doesn't have enough content yet. In order for us to properly review a site, we need to be able to see a sufficient amount of content to be sure that our ads will be a good match there. For this reason, we must deny your request for a Chitika account at this time. However, once your site is up and running, please do re-submit it and we will take another look. We wish you the best of luck as you continue to grow your website, and thank you again for your interest in Chitika. Regards, Chitika Customer Service.”

When this happens to you don’t worry about it. Try again after 6 months.

Have a great day.